About Virtual NA

Virtual NA is a globally based collaborative service resource whose primary purpose is to provide a meeting search for both Online and Phone line meetings of Narcotics Anonymous hosted from different countries around the world.

All the meetings on the Virtual NA meetings lists are sorted by language and day of the week and the meeting times are set using UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). (The UTC time settings on each meeting automatically adjust to the seasonal time changes made in the spring and autumn of each location displayed}

This means that the start time of each meeting will always be displayed at whatever time that is in your local time zone
(For example if a meeting is based in the UK with a start time of 6pm UK time and you are on the East Coast of the US, which is -5 hours behind the UK , the meeting start time will automatically display on your device as being 1pm East Coast US time. )

The Platform and format for each meeting in the list is clearly shown on each entry:
(For more information about the various platforms used please go to the Useful Information  page of this website)

Online Meeting: Denotes that the meeting is held via an internet connection.
(If you have a poor or limited  internet connection many of the Online meetings can also be attended by phone. Please see individual meeting entries for more details) 

Phone Line Meeting: Denotes that the meeting is held via a phone line or mobile.
Outreach: Denotes that the meeting is part of a Narcotics Anonymous Local Area or Regional Outreach or Fellowship Development Committees service efforts. 
Hybrid Meeting: Denotes that the meeting is hosted by a physical meeting that allows for members to attend online.

Closed: Denotes that the meeting is only for those who identify as addicts.
Open: Denotes that all are welcome to attend the meeting but sharing is restricted to only those who identify as addicts.


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